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Who Can You Trust With Your Company Fuel Monitoring?

Companies can become victim to theft if they give full control to vendors over their fuel management.

Tracking your own fuel levels for mobile, stand alone, and underground tanks give companies and governments complete control of fuel inventory.

Companies not in control are allowing themselves to be susceptible to theft, security breaches, tampered with fuel tanks, and hidden costs.

It was reported in 2008 that fuel theft in the U.S. reached “8 million for commercial and local businesses.” Why put your company in the hands of a vendor when you can control your own destiny?

Cutting Out Middlemen

There are two specific issues that can arise if you use a third party to track your fuel inventory rather than doing it yourself.

You lock yourself into using one vendor for all your fuel supply needs This may be a convenient option for customers, however if another vendor offers a better price you won’t be able to use them because you gave control to one particular vendor. The vendor then determines who delivers your fuel, when it’s delivered and sets the price. This gives all freedom to the vendor instead of the customer.

Customer is at the mercy of the vendor The vendor controls the delivery of the fuel, so the customer needs to be aware that what they ordered may not always be what’s delivered. Vendor’s could be reporting inaccurate amounts, but you are still paying full price.

Now, there are ways to avoid these issues. Companies can keep their vendor but have a system in place to verify their work, or companies could control their own fuel management. Regardless of which option companies choose, a fuel management system should be in place.

Wireless Fuel System Management and Level Monitoring

Benefits companies see when they manage their own fuel include security, accounting, and accuracy for tanks. They can also make sure their fuel prices are fair, accurate, and delivered properly.

SCI allows clients to control their own fuel management through the latest hardware and proprietary online cloud-based software. Workers can track and report all fuel activity on pumps wirelessly, view fuel and tank levels, temperate, and tampering.

This puts the customer’s mind and money at ease because as SCI states, every drop counts. To learn more about wireless tank level monitoring, click below.

How does your company monitor its fuel levels? Can you trust that your vendor’s employees are delivering the correct amount of fuel? Do you want to reduce the risk of fuel delivery contamination? What about increase the safety of your employees by avoiding having the climb on top of fuel tanks?

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Fuel Management System for Waste Industry

SCI wireless hardware and software is used by waste management companies across the country.

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Wireless fuel management systems provide accurate fuel data for the waste management industry.  The efficiency of the system helps drivers with refueling and downtime and easier accounting.

Waste management companies using manual input or other outdated systems were not getting accurate reporting and manual tracking also greatly slowed down productivity.

Using SCI wireless fuel management system, drivers can simply pull up to the pump and if equipped with a RFID (radio frequency) the pump will automatically authorize refueling.  Otherwise simple key entry or tag access is granted.  The fuel data is then wirelessly uploaded into the software system for accurate tracking of each time fuel is dispensed and to which truck.

Authorizing, controlling, and tracking fuel inventory is simple with SCI upgraded fuel management system.  This allows for management to focus on more important company issues.  The software makes reporting easy and seamless.


The system is configured for each specific business needs and is completely flexible.  Using a highly recognized software such as FleetSAP gives management the tools that will allow them to control fuel costs, analyze fuel usage, and find any issues quickly.

Advanced Disposal says the system provides their company with more accurate reporting.  The efficiency helps both drivers and management at Advanced Disposal.

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Fuel and fleet management at your fingertips from anywhere – Fleet SAP

Complete Control from one Application

Fleet SAP gives companies and governments a single platform to manage all fleet and fuel hardware.  The latest software is now available to control fleets of trucks or equipment and fuel tanks/pumps all from one location.  You probably have software to work with your refueling, telematics, GPS tracking, fuel storage, and security.  Fleet SAP is able to combine all of this into one website for complete control.

Expandable and Modular Software

As your company adds new hardware tools for fuel or fleet management, Fleet SAP is able to expand and add new modules within your login to accommodate new assets.  This allows for companies that are growing to expand the software as needed.  For example, if you currently are using pump tracking and tank tracking, but then later add GPS or video monitoring for tankers.  The software is easily updated to accommodate new fleet or fuel management hardware that is added.

Customized for Your Company or Organization

The platform is able to be 100% customized to work within your organizational needs. Fleet SAP easily integrates your current and future hardware allowing for easier management of all fuel and fleet. There are hundreds of custom reports to view data for accounting and management purposes. The simple exporting features allow for quick accountability of fleet and fuel.

To learn more call 1-800-831-0220 or fill out the submission form to view an online demo of Fleet SAP.

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A Network Operating Center (NOC) for your Fuel and Fleet

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SCI announced a new service for existing and new clients.  A management system for a company’s fleet equipment/vehicles and fuel systems.  A dedicated Virtual Fleet Manager (VFM) that will handle all fleet and fuel tracking.Continue reading