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Fuel and fleet management at your fingertips from anywhere – Fleet SAP

Complete Control from one Application

Fleet SAP gives companies and governments a single platform to manage all fleet and fuel hardware.  The latest software is now available to control fleets of trucks or equipment and fuel tanks/pumps all from one location.  You probably have software to work with your refueling, telematics, GPS tracking, fuel storage, and security.  Fleet SAP is able to combine all of this into one website for complete control.

Expandable and Modular Software

As your company adds new hardware tools for fuel or fleet management, Fleet SAP is able to expand and add new modules within your login to accommodate new assets.  This allows for companies that are growing to expand the software as needed.  For example, if you currently are using pump tracking and tank tracking, but then later add GPS or video monitoring for tankers.  The software is easily updated to accommodate new fleet or fuel management hardware that is added.

Customized for Your Company or Organization

The platform is able to be 100% customized to work within your organizational needs. Fleet SAP easily integrates your current and future hardware allowing for easier management of all fuel and fleet. There are hundreds of custom reports to view data for accounting and management purposes. The simple exporting features allow for quick accountability of fleet and fuel.

To learn more call 1-800-831-0220 or fill out the submission form to view an online demo of Fleet SAP.

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Municipality Fuel Tanks: Getting Accurate Reports of Fuel Data

Improved Fuel Tracking for Governments

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Government tracking of fuel data is getting more complicated as fuel usage and fleets continue to grow. Managing tank levels with accurate reporting can be time consuming and inaccurate from manual input and outdated systems.

Government agencies are actively upgrading existing systems as technologies evolve.

Updated Wireless Fuel Management Systems

A fuel management system that has been deployed across the globe called Fuel Shield is helping governments track fuel much easier.  Fuel Shield allows for security and detailed tracking each time fuel is dispensed.

Rather than manual input or outdated hardware, the new system identifies the driver/vehicle and automatically stores the usage data into the system for future reporting.  This is done with either a radio frequency from the vehicle or with key input or key tag by the driver.

The data is wirelessly updated to one of the most advanced Fleet Software systems available.  Since the hardware is wireless it does not require any excavation on site.

Easy Accounting and More Accurate Fuel Data

Cities that are using outdated hardware need better control of fuel inventory and management.  According to the City of Lakeland, FL once SCI systems were deployed, the city experienced “easier accounting and more accurate fuel data.”  This has been the case for many large governments and small cities across the globe with SCI.

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(All data is recorded daily for simple accounting exports)

Wireless Tank Monitoring

One of the systems that the City of Lakeland, FL used was tank sensors to have up-to-minute reporting of fuel levels.  This is a wireless system within the tanks that provides detailed reports of usage.  The hardware also tracks any type of ‘water fuel’ and tampering.  The system can be customized for preset alerts based on fuel storage levels.


Partnership for Better Fuel Management

SCI partners with government agencies to provide some of the best hardware and software available.  There is a dedicated team that is ready to help with an upgraded fuel management system.  Contact SCI at 1-800-831-0220 or submit your information through the website to begin the information process. 

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Updating Fuel Management at County School Systems

Automatic Fuel Reporting

The amount of paperwork and data entry for fuel logs is overbearing. The Elmore County Board of Education decided to do something about it.  They implemented Fuel Shield which allows for wireless tracking of being fuel dispensed. Rather than using a fuel attendant or having the driver manually track fuel consumption, the hardware allows for controlled dispensing and tracking that is wirelessly updated into their database.

Updating your fuel pumps and fleet hardware to the latest technology is a must in today’s fast pace environment.

Automatic reporting is a huge benefit to Elmore County Board of Education. Easily monitoring fuel levels without physically going out is saving time and giving a more precise measurement, up to the minute.

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“With the help of your company’s fueling stations that are installed on our pumps, We are now in complete control of our fuel usage without the use of a paid attendant. Your system also has enabled us to have constant fuel level monitoring without the use of the old measuring stick. In addition to the documentation capabilities, we can now bill each of our different accounts for their fuel usage with the touch of a button. These are just a few of the added pluses that your company’s technology has added to our quest for accountability. I would like to say thanks to all of your employees that have helped make this possible to our school system. A special thanks to yourself for your excellent presentation you made to our superiors, also to Paul Vonstein for his assistance in installation and to Eiez for driving all the way from Atlanta just to help solve a problem. I would recommend your company highly to anyone and would be glad to have them come see our system in operation. I look forward to adding to our system at another location soon. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company, and I look forward to our next expansion project.”