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Who Can You Trust With Your Company Fuel Monitoring?

Companies can become victim to theft if they give full control to vendors over their fuel management.

Tracking your own fuel levels for mobile, stand alone, and underground tanks give companies and governments complete control of fuel inventory.

Companies not in control are allowing themselves to be susceptible to theft, security breaches, tampered with fuel tanks, and hidden costs.

It was reported in 2008 that fuel theft in the U.S. reached “8 million for commercial and local businesses.” Why put your company in the hands of a vendor when you can control your own destiny?

Cutting Out Middlemen

There are two specific issues that can arise if you use a third party to track your fuel inventory rather than doing it yourself.

You lock yourself into using one vendor for all your fuel supply needs This may be a convenient option for customers, however if another vendor offers a better price you won’t be able to use them because you gave control to one particular vendor. The vendor then determines who delivers your fuel, when it’s delivered and sets the price. This gives all freedom to the vendor instead of the customer.

Customer is at the mercy of the vendor The vendor controls the delivery of the fuel, so the customer needs to be aware that what they ordered may not always be what’s delivered. Vendor’s could be reporting inaccurate amounts, but you are still paying full price.

Now, there are ways to avoid these issues. Companies can keep their vendor but have a system in place to verify their work, or companies could control their own fuel management. Regardless of which option companies choose, a fuel management system should be in place.

Wireless Fuel System Management and Level Monitoring

Benefits companies see when they manage their own fuel include security, accounting, and accuracy for tanks. They can also make sure their fuel prices are fair, accurate, and delivered properly.

SCI allows clients to control their own fuel management through the latest hardware and proprietary online cloud-based software. Workers can track and report all fuel activity on pumps wirelessly, view fuel and tank levels, temperate, and tampering.

This puts the customer’s mind and money at ease because as SCI states, every drop counts. To learn more about wireless tank level monitoring, click below.

How does your company monitor its fuel levels? Can you trust that your vendor’s employees are delivering the correct amount of fuel? Do you want to reduce the risk of fuel delivery contamination? What about increase the safety of your employees by avoiding having the climb on top of fuel tanks?

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Municipality Fuel Tanks: Getting Accurate Reports of Fuel Data

Improved Fuel Tracking for Governments

city wireless fuel management
Government tracking of fuel data is getting more complicated as fuel usage and fleets continue to grow. Managing tank levels with accurate reporting can be time consuming and inaccurate from manual input and outdated systems.

Government agencies are actively upgrading existing systems as technologies evolve.

Updated Wireless Fuel Management Systems

A fuel management system that has been deployed across the globe called Fuel Shield is helping governments track fuel much easier.  Fuel Shield allows for security and detailed tracking each time fuel is dispensed.

Rather than manual input or outdated hardware, the new system identifies the driver/vehicle and automatically stores the usage data into the system for future reporting.  This is done with either a radio frequency from the vehicle or with key input or key tag by the driver.

The data is wirelessly updated to one of the most advanced Fleet Software systems available.  Since the hardware is wireless it does not require any excavation on site.

Easy Accounting and More Accurate Fuel Data

Cities that are using outdated hardware need better control of fuel inventory and management.  According to the City of Lakeland, FL once SCI systems were deployed, the city experienced “easier accounting and more accurate fuel data.”  This has been the case for many large governments and small cities across the globe with SCI.

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(All data is recorded daily for simple accounting exports)

Wireless Tank Monitoring

One of the systems that the City of Lakeland, FL used was tank sensors to have up-to-minute reporting of fuel levels.  This is a wireless system within the tanks that provides detailed reports of usage.  The hardware also tracks any type of ‘water fuel’ and tampering.  The system can be customized for preset alerts based on fuel storage levels.


Partnership for Better Fuel Management

SCI partners with government agencies to provide some of the best hardware and software available.  There is a dedicated team that is ready to help with an upgraded fuel management system.  Contact SCI at 1-800-831-0220 or submit your information through the website to begin the information process. 

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Fuel Management: Berries Grower Upgrades to Wireless Fuel Systems

More and more companies are updating fuel management to wireless solutions.

One of the largest fresh, multi-berry producers in the world and the leading supplier of fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries in all of North America did just that.  The company did an upgrade to fuel management with wireless technology.

The company is run like a well-oiled machine but it was time to upgrade the fuel systems. This company needed better control over fuel management and decided to upgrade to a more technologically advanced system. That’s when SCI was brought in to review the system and make recommendations of changes.

Wireless Fuel Management

Manually tracking fuel dispensing was no longer efficient for the company. Switching to Fuel Shield with key tags allowed for automatic updating of fuel dispensing. When the driver pulls up he just has to use the provide key tag which then allows for the pump to begin refueling. The amount of fuel is recorded and then wirelessly reported for management.

Tank Level Monitoring

The tanks were also upgraded with Level Shield. This allows for management to have an up-to-date account of fuel levels. It helps with also identifying “water fuel”, verification of physical delivery and real time comparison with purchase order (PO), Analysis of bill of lading, freight, and taxes. Alerts are setup for predetermined fuel level, full customization, and remotely programmed for the managers. Level Shield provides advanced purchasing algorithm of time and price.

With these upgrades they will now save time and money with the upgraded fuel management system.

Request information and we’ll follow up with you to help with customizing a wireless fuel management plan for your company.

Goodbye Old System, Hello New System

Goodbye Old System, Hello New System