Fuel Management: Construction operations usually exist in temporary locations. This set up often requires an onsite mobile refueling tanker and monitoring of idling equipment that can be costly. SCI fuel management solutions are highly suitable for these applications. They are all wireless (GPRS/Wi-Fi/RF), simple and fast to deploy with low cost of installation.

Common Configuration:

  • Mobile Fuel Shield, automatic fuel dispensation system with 1-2 nozzles
  • RFID tags for all refueling equipment and vehicles
  • UFM Manager Fuel module (web based software for fuel management)

Fleet Management: Although construction equipment operates in a confined area where the need for GPS tracking is limited; idling can be a major concern. SCI’s GPS solution allows for effective management of optimal routing of delivery and minimizing idling. Since SCI solutions are all wireless (GPRS/Wi-Fi/RF), deployment is simple, fast and with a low cost of installation

Common Configuration:

  • GPS Track & Trace for idling
  • Telematics engine retrieval unit and monitoring
  • Operator ID tag
  • UFM Manager GPS module (web based software for tracking, idling, speeding, geofencing etc.)


Customized wireless hardware whether you need one system or 1,000 / Hardware inalámbrico personalizado, ya sea que necesite un sistema o 1.000.