Don’t put off upgrading your Fuel and Fleet Management

A lot of time there is reluctance in upgrading systems due to the unknown issues that could arise.  SCI works closely with your team to make sure there is no downtime.

It is crucial for organizations to begin updating fuel and fleet management systems as it is affecting profits and productivity.  SCI uses the latest technology of hardware and software to customize a solution for your company.

Most customers report a savings of at least 8% when properly managing fleet and fuel with the latest wireless technologies.

Here is a great quote and example from a City that recently upgraded their systems with SCI:

“Since we have had two management systems before we went to SCI, we were hesitant, and delayed as long as possible in changing systems, due to problems encountered in the two previous conversions.

During the change from our old system to SCI, we experienced 0 downtime and no disruption whatsoever to our users of the fuel system. This was especially meaningful due to the fact that the Police Department and Fire Department are our most frequent users, and our fuel site operates 24/7.

Your knowledgeable staff made both the hardware and software installations totally seamless and painless, causing us to lament that we did not do the change-over sooner.

To learn more about a customized hardware and software upgrade for your fleet and fuel management, contact us to go over ideas and get questions answered. 727-466-0724 or Request a Demo here.