Virtual Fleet Manager

A Virtual Fleet Manager is one of our team members that provides your company with complete fleet and fuel support.  Using the latest software, your Virtual Fleet Manager will help with preventive maintenance, fuel level alerts, fuel bidding, and fuel use.


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What does your plan look like?  We can help if you are missing a few key points of strategy or need fleet and fuel management guidance.


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Using Historical Data of your existing fleet, analyzing current fuel costs and trends will help plan and execute a budget for the coming years.   What percentage of operating costs does fuel represent?  What is the potential to reduce fuel costs?  Using the latest software and having a Virtual Fleet Manager will help keep that budget lean


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The e-tender system allows for vendors to submit bids within the software to our Virtual Fleet Manager.  This creates an organized way to analyze fuel bidding and get the best available price.


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How well are your fuel stocks managed?  Do you have ordering systems in place?

Purchase Orders and reorders are easily managed with Fleet SAP.  Your Virtual Fleet Manager can monitor levels and automatically request refueling when needed.



Does the company have good quality fuel performance information that is accurate, timely and relevant?

The system will automatically update and provide detailed information when there is delivery of fuel.


tank fuel management

As fuel is stored at one location or multiple, the levels are updated every 60 seconds to provide real-time updates of storage that can be easily viewed within the software.


fuel pump

Having your fleet of equipment updated in the system allows for control as fuel is dispensed and for simple reporting.


ECM tracking and Fleet GPS

Once a truck or piece of equipment fuels up, the information is automatically updated within the system.

Tracking MPG, idle time, and GPS will allow for future changes to decrease costs and increase productivity.