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Control your company's fuel pumps with an integrated wireless fuel management system

*Works with existing pumps and no excavation is needed.

SCI is a global leader for commercial fleet and fuel hardware and software based in the USA

Track fuel usage hands free for each vehicle or piece of equipment at the pump.  All information is wirelessly updated automatically for easy reporting by management and accounting.

approved-signal Integrates with existing pumps

approved-signal Simple key entry or RFID tags makes tracking seamless

approved-signal Automatic Reporting of all fuel data accessible via web, mobile, tablet

approved-signal Saves company time, money, and provides security 

approved-signal Uses the latest wireless software

Companies and Government are switching to automated control:

“Miami Valley Concrete recently purchased your Fleet Fuel Management System. We are very pleased with the system and are amazed at the information that has been made available to us through your system. Our inventory control, cost distribution and usage per unit information is available to us at any time and your reports are very user friendly. Miami Valley Concrete endorses your product to the highest”.

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Wireless Fuel Management Systems by SCI are powered by Fleet SAP, the latest software for fuel and fleet management.  Fleet SAP puts all your fuel and fleet management tools at your fingertips from one device anywhere in the world.

Wireless monitoring of tanks also available.