Wirelessly track transaction location, time, and date. 

FuelShield provides a wireless fuel management solution. For companies and governments that are looking to track refueling time, alerts for tampering, and fuel amount to increase accuracy and efficiency. 

Wireless Fuel Control, Data Tracking, and Security 

Automated wireless system with straightforward installation that does not require excavations or infrastructure modification.

Fuel Shield can help your organization improve accountability and increase efficiency for consumption of gasoline, diesel, propane, and  lubricants. Thus, reducing "shrinkage" by more than 20% and reduce consumption by 12 to 15%.

+ Cloud-Based Online Software

  • Stop fraud and errors in refueling from the pump station 
  • Allow dispensation of fuel only to authorized vehicles/equipment
  • Reduce maintenance cost through preventive and predictive maintenance 
  • Reduce fuel consumption by reducing down time and vehicle idling 

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