Easily Track mobile fuel tanker usage with the latest wireless technology.

Automatic tracking for each time fuel is dispensed. Simple reporting and accounting.  Wireless Updates.

The Wireless Fuel Management System is placed directly onto mobile fuel tanks. Mobile Shield tracks accurate fuel dispensing with no human intervention. Mobile Shield handles effective managing of fuel reports and tracking consumption.

Mobile Shield is the latest technology to easily track each transaction by only allowing fuel to be dispensed to approved vehicles or pieces of equipment.

The system saves your company time by providing exact fuel consumption automatically for each time fuel is dispensed. The vehicle is either track by key input, key tag, or the most advanced way of tracking, RFID (radio frequency). RFID stops pumping the second that the nozzle is removed from the tank.

Vehicles and equipment that receive fuel can be tracked by many different ways with MobileShield.  Enhanced wireless options are highlighted below:


  • A freestanding, weather & flame resistant box suitable for mounting on top of the fuel pump or on a stainless steel post on a Mobile Fuel tank.
  • A keypad for manual data entry.
  • FCC Approved.
  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC
  • Max current at pump relay cutout 10A.
  • RF Modem frequency 433.92 MHz.

MobileShield™ is quick to install, wireless, secure and easy to use.

RFID (Radio Frequency ID) can be attached to the approved vehicle or piece of equipment for fuel dispensing.

The hose control unit is attached to existing pumps and allows for fuel to be dispensed to approved vehicles.  

Customized wireless hardware whether you need one system or 1,000 / Hardware inalámbrico personalizado, ya sea que necesite un sistema o 1.000.