A Network Operating Center (NOC) for your Fuel and Fleet

fuel flow 2

SCI announced a new service for existing and new clients.  A management system for a company’s fleet equipment/vehicles and fuel systems.  A dedicated Virtual Fleet Manager (VFM) that will handle all fleet and fuel tracking.

A lot of companies don’t have the time or the dedicated staff to properly manage fleet and fuel.  This creates a percentage loss of profits due to fuel loss and fleet mismanagement.

Your Virtual Fleet Managers utilizes Fleet SAP software that gives your company the ease of managing purchasing and storage of fuel, along with other extensive fleet management tools.

The Fleet SAP alone is an incredible new resource for companies.  Now adding the Virtual Fleet Manager to help manage it just makes the software even better.

With SCI’s announcement of Fleet NOC, all data tracking of fuel and fleet is now handled by a Virtual Fleet Manager at the U.S. Headquarters.

A dedicated representative will make sure that all data is entered properly into the Fleet SAP software and then setup alerts based on your company needs.  Your VFM (Virtual Fleet Manager) will then actively monitor all alerts and activity and follow up with you as needed.  Custom Reports are provided as often as needed.

There is so much more that the Virtual Fleet Manager utilizing Fleet SAP is able to do.   Request a Demo: http://www.sciww.com/fleet-noc 

One of the biggest benefits is detailed reporting of fleet and fuel activity that is done automatically.  This saves a lot of time from data entry.

fleet sap home layout