SCI offers the most comprehensive solution on the market for knowing exactly how much fuel you have and where it is going.

SCI product range includes all the components of fuel management, telematics, and fleet management.

Although we specialize in comprehensive, customized solutions, many of these products can be purchased individually and integrated with your existing systems.

Wireless technologies for company and government fuel and fleet management.

  • Wireless pump 
  • Wireless nozzle controller
  • RFID
  • tank level monitoring
  • engine telematics RECEIVER 
  • cable wireless dvr
  • GPs tracking of units
  • hours & miles retriever

SCI’s RFID Wireless Fuel Management System allows you to track individual drivers and vehicles, fuel dispensing, odometer readings, and assists in preventive maintenance reports... all with NO human intervention.

SCI’s advanced vehicle identification unit:

  • Eliminates the unauthorized dispensing of fuel.
  • Limits the amount of dispensed fuel per vehicle and driver.
  • Require no power
  • It’s easy to install
  • Self destruct mechanism with any tampering attempt

The advanced RFID system is easy to install and requires no excavation. SCI's RF Technology eliminates the need for vulnerable underground cables and wiring, which reduces installation time by 80%. The system installation by your on-site technicians or ours. RFID is the fleet and fuel management tool for the business that is serious about cutting costs, eliminating fraud, effectively managing fuel reports and consumption.