Track Shield

Track Shield, our Fleet management software system, allows you to track your driving activities and the serviceability of your vehicles. Increase profitability by decreasing the unnecessary wear and tear on your fleet vehicles.

There are 3 Track Shield systems available:

Offline Data Logging

Provides users with vehicle service alerts, monitors driver speed at three levels, records special events and more.

Offline GPS

Provides you with all the advantages of the Offline Data Logging system, with the addition of GPS functionality.

Online GPS, AVL and Mobile Productivity

Has all of the features and functionality of the Offline Data Logging and Offline GPS systems PLUS continuous online communication, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and the ability to increase your workforce’s productivity.


Every time the vehicle is started or driven, the following data is logged instantly:

  • Who is driving
  • Date and time
  • Travel time
  • The delivery/job/sales number
  • Customer visited and route taken
  • Miles travelled
  • Over acceleration/deceleration and speeding and much more…

Technical Data:

Track Shield Unit

  • Enclosure dimensions: 5.5″ x 3.75″ x 1.5″


  • Enclosure dimensions: 3.875″ x 2.5″ x 1″

Customized wireless hardware whether you need one system or 1,000 / Hardware inalámbrico personalizado, ya sea que necesite un sistema o 1.000.