Utilities Fleet & Fuel Management

Fuel Management: Utility Operations often operate a diverse fleet of vehicles. While many of these vehicles refuel at regular fuel stations, many Utility Operations operate their own fuel storage and fuel station for emergency and other contingencies. SCI fuel management solutions are highly suitable to these diverse needs. They are all wireless (GPRS/Wi-Fi/RF), simple and fast to deploy with a low cost of installation.

Common Configuration:

  • Level Shield for monitoring and managing fuel inventory and theft prevention
  • Fuel Shield, automatic fuel dispensation system with 2 nozzles per pump
  • Vision Shield, GPRS DVR security system to protect fuel storage and pump
  • RFID tags for all refueling equipment and vehicle
  • UFM Manager (web based software for fuel management)


Fleet Management: With a diverse fleet of vehicle and equipment tracking and real time management of assets, especially in emergencies are a high priority for Utility Operations. SCI fleet management solutions are the right choice for these diverse needs. Since SCI solutions are all wireless (GPRS/Wi-Fi/RF), deployment is simple, fast, and with low cost of installation.

Common Configuration:

  • GPS tracking
  • Telematics engine retrieval unit and monitoring
  • Operator ID tag
  • UFM Manager (web based software for equipment management)