Fuel Management System for Waste Industry

SCI wireless hardware and software is used by waste management companies across the country.

fuel management system wireless
Wireless fuel management systems provide accurate fuel data for the waste management industry.  The efficiency of the system helps drivers with refueling and downtime and easier accounting.

Waste management companies using manual input or other outdated systems were not getting accurate reporting and manual tracking also greatly slowed down productivity.

Using SCI wireless fuel management system, drivers can simply pull up to the pump and if equipped with a RFID (radio frequency) the pump will automatically authorize refueling.  Otherwise simple key entry or tag access is granted.  The fuel data is then wirelessly uploaded into the software system for accurate tracking of each time fuel is dispensed and to which truck.

Authorizing, controlling, and tracking fuel inventory is simple with SCI upgraded fuel management system.  This allows for management to focus on more important company issues.  The software makes reporting easy and seamless.


The system is configured for each specific business needs and is completely flexible.  Using a highly recognized software such as FleetSAP gives management the tools that will allow them to control fuel costs, analyze fuel usage, and find any issues quickly.

Advanced Disposal says the system provides their company with more accurate reporting.  The efficiency helps both drivers and management at Advanced Disposal.

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