Wireless fuel management, tank levels, and fleets

Innovative and cost saving solutions for fuel and fleet management.  Because at SCI we believe that every drop counts.  


Track and reports all fuel activity on all pumps wirelessly.


Wireless view of fuel tank level, temperature, and tampering.


Theft, contamination, and security are major challenges for the fuel distribution industries. 

Fleet NOC

NOC (Network Operation Center) Fleet gives you a team that is actively monitoring your fleet and fuel management.


Track your driving activities and the serviceability of your vehicles while increasing profitability.


Vision Shield is designed to protect fuel storage, pumps, perimeters, and other assets through live video streaming.

SCI Hardware is powered by Fleet SAP, the latest software for fuel and fleet management. Fleet SAP puts all your fuel and fleet management tools at your fingertips from one device, anywhere in the world.

A recognized leader for company and government fuel and fleet management solutions.

5,067 Fuel systems installed globally
107,984 Vehicles/equipment using SCI systems
70450124 Gallons using SCI systems monthly

Questions?  Inquire about fleet and fuel management for your company or organization.  Learn about how wireless technologies will help your projects flow.

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