We are pleased to share with you these success stories from our customers. It is a true balance sheet of a company, as no asset is greater than satisfied and appreciative customers.

The SCI fuel management system has helped us gain control over who uses our company’s fuel and which vehicles receive fuel. We can monitor fuel usage for various types of vehicles and know exactly how much fuel each vehicle is using. The system is very “hands-off” and requires no monitoring.

Fleet Manager

Florida Rock has decided to select SCI International as our Fuel Management System supplier. Based on our evaluation for the last 30 days, initial installation, general system architecture, and cost, we firmly Stand behind our decision.

Florida Rock Industries
Fleet Manager

Rinker Materials New Smyrna Beach plant has recently installed an SCI Fuel Management System. We have been very satisfied with the results of the system. In the past we were incurring losses of at least 500 gallons per month due to a manual system that depended on people hand writing there fuel usage on a fuel log. With the SCI Fuel Management System we have corrected the loss problem. We also utilize the system for recording our fleet engine hours for Preventive maintenance on the fleet, a real time saver.

We have had absolutely no issues with the SCI Fuel Management System and we have had a very good response by the company with any questions that we have about the system. The system is very easy to use and I would recommend the SCI Fuel Management System.

Rinker Materials - NSB
Operation Manager

With the help of your company’s fueling stations that are installed on our pumps, We are now in complete control of our fuel usage without the use of a paid attendant. Your system also has enabled us to have constant fuel level monitoring without the use of the old measuring stick In addition to the documentation capabilities, we can now bill each of our different accounts for there fuel usage with the touch of a button .These are just a few of the added pluses that your company’s technology has added to our quest for accountability. I would like to say thanks to all of your employees that have helped make this possible to our school system. A special thanks to yourself for your excellent presentation you made to our superiors, also to Paul Vonstein for his assistance in installation and to Eiez for driving all the way from Atlanta just to help solve a problem. I would recommend your company highly to anyone and would be glad to have them come see our system in operation. I look forward to adding to our system at another location soon. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company, and I look forward to our next expansion project.

Elmore County Board of Education
Fuel & Inventory Specialist

Back in 2002, Aransas County began investigating fuel-monitoring systems. Once we built our large volume gas and diesel delivery systems, we were approached by almost every other governmental entity about purchasing fuel from us. Through the generosity of the Commissioner’s Court, we began to dispense fuel to twelve separate agencies from the fire department to meals on wheels. We obviously had to come up with a better system than fuel books in a mailbox, since many of the ones from the Sheriff’s office ended up on the highway as they were leaving the yard.

This is where Tal Ezra and SCI came into the picture. Their product was innovative and competitive. Usually, I am skeptical about new technology since I want someone else to work out the bugs. However, after a session with Tal convincing me that his company could do just about anything that I could dream up and my electrician pleading not to have to install any more underground utilities, we took the plunge to install the system.

The hardware and software were installed within a matter of hours. The learning curve was very quick on the software and did everything that was promised. While using the system we came up with some preferences that were not built into the system and I reminded Tal of his boast. Without hesitation, he attempted to incorporate our request. Since what we wanted was non-standard, it took a while in order to get the system as we requested. He even engaged his software people in Israel. His company diligently stayed on our problem until it was solved and throughout the entire process no data was lost and the system remained functional.

In closing, this system will probably pay for itself in the first year because of the large number of people and agencies we have accessing the pumps unsupervised. We even installed an automatic gate that ties to this system enabling us to track entry by personnel and time.

Aransas County - Road & Bridge Dept 
County Engineer

Tal, It is with great pleasure that I am able to recommend SCI and your products to others. The installation of our three wireless fuel dispensing controls has been a great success including the mobile unit that we installed on our tanker truck.

Your staff at SCI along with yourself and all of your technicians have been nothing less than accommodating to my staff in the installation, start-up, and continued support of the fuel control system at our Fleet Maintenance facility in Plant City.

Kash N' Karry 
Maintenance Manager

The Middlesex Corporation has been using SCI fuel management system since Oct 2005. We are very pleased with the investment we have made. With SCI system I am able to track the four hundred vehicles and equipment we have out on the road and in the field every day. Before we had a fuel management system our two fuel trucks hand wrote the gallons of fuel and hours from equipment on a spreadsheet and would give it to the shop clerk who would enter all the info from the greasy, smelly spreadsheet. We installed the fuel management system on our fuel trucks, now when they come into the yard at the end of the day there stored info downloads to our main computer and our reporting is now at the touch of a button. We also have it installed at our main office and at one of our asphalt plants which is fifty miles away and it all downloads to our main computer. So I can track the levels of fuel and fuel output at seven locations all from one computer. I was very impressed with the reporting. My end of the month and yearly reporting is now done in just seconds instead of hours. It also gives us the security we were looking for so we now know were every gallon goes. I would highly recommend SCI fuel management system.

Middlesex Corporation 
Purchasing & Accounts Manager

Miami Valley Concrete recently purchased your Fleet Fuel Management System. We are very pleased with the system and are amazed at the information that has been made available to us through your system. Our inventory control, cost distribution and usage per unit information is available to us at any time and your reports are very user friendly. Miami Valley Concrete endorses your product to the highest.

Miami Valley Concrete
General Manager

We have had SCI’s system for three and a half years at our new car dealership. We are very happy with the capabilities, performance, and service of the fuel control system. The staff at SCI is responsive and sensitive to all our needs. In short I would recommend them to any business.

Dimmitt Chevrolet, Inc.
Parts Manager

I just wanted to write a quick note to you to let you know how the system is working. As you know, we are a refrigerated trucking fleet of approximately 50 trucks, hauling meat and grocery products to the west coast, and bringing produce back. We have been in business for 22 years.

We recently decided to incorporate owner/operators into our business. With that came additional situations that needed to be adjusted. One of our biggest concerns was monitoring and controlling the yard fuel disbursement. We needed a way to track refueling of trucks and trailers, with the ability to sort out owner/operator refueling for charge back purposes. Your system fit in perfectly. With your system in place we are able to allow 24 hour fueling 7 days a week. The wireless communication with our office has worked great! We can sit in the comfort of our office and gather information several different ways from the fuel terminals. With a few keystrokes, we can print out a professional report showing driver, date, gallons, and total dollars that each driver owes. The installation process went smoothly. Your technician, James, was very knowledgeable and qualified. He knew what he was doing, and kept a steady pace until the installation was complete. We are still learning to use the system, and are continually finding new benefits using it. It has definitely been an added asset to our company. If anyone has questions, feel free to have them give us a call.

Willies Grain, Inc.