As with many off road remote locations modern farming often requires fuel storage facilities along with a refueling station and mobile tanker for in field refueling. SCI fuel management solutions are suitable for these operations. SCI solutions are all wireless (GPRS/Wi-Fi/RF) with simple, fast deployment and low cost of installation.

Common Configuration:

  • Level Shield for monitoring and managing fuel inventory and theft prevention
  • Fuel Shield automatic fuel dispensation system with 2 nozzles per pump
  • Mobile Fuel Shield automatic fuel dispensation system with 1 nozzle per pump
  • Vision Shield, GPRS DVR security system to protect fuel storage and pump
  • RFID tags for all refueling equipment and vehicles
  • UFM Manager (web based software for fuel management)

Equipment Management

Modern agriculture is all about precision. The advances in wireless communication and GPS are transforming farming. SCI Agri-Track solutions are highly suitable for advanced farming operations. They allow for effective management of equipment, idling, auto navigation, and assets protection.

  • GPS tracking
  • Telematics engine retrieval unit and monitoring
  • Operator ID tag
  • UFM Manager (web based software for equipment management)


Customized wireless hardware whether you need one system or 1,000 / Hardware inalámbrico personalizado, ya sea que necesite un sistema o 1.000.