Private Industry Fleet & Fuel Management

Fuel Management: Many trucking companies operate their own fuel storage and refueling station at the home base/yard. SCI Fuel management solutions are one of the best on the market today for these type of operations. They allow for multiple channel of data retrieval in addition to managing fuel. SCI solutions are all wireless (GPRS/Wi-Fi/RF) with simple, fast deployment and low cost of installation.

Common Configuration:

  • Level Shield for monitoring and managing fuel inventory and theft prevention
  • Fuel Shield, automatic fuel dispensation system with 2 nozzles per pump
  • Vision Shield, GPRS DVR security system to protect fuel storage and pump
  • RFID tags for all refueling equipment and vehicles
  • UFM Manager (web based software for fuel management)

Fleet Management: Fleet management with advanced GPS and telematics have been around for over a decade. However, effective fleet management requires integration of data from multiple sources including fuel management systems, telematics tracking, idling, speeding, routing and operator behavior to name just a few. Many of these systems come with their own software, yet only SCI UFM Manager can manage all the input with one solution. This innovative system makes fleet management far more effective. Since SCI solutions are all wireless (GPRS/Wi-Fi/RF), deployment is simple and fast with low cost of installation.

Common Configuration:

  • GPS tracking
  • Telematics engine retrieval unit and monitoring
  • Operator ID tag
  • On Board GRPS DVR/camera for safety (optional)
  • UFM Manager (web based software for fleet management)


Customized wireless hardware whether you need one system or 1,000 / Hardware inalámbrico personalizado, ya sea que necesite un sistema o 1.000.