Wirelessly track fuel tank levels, temperature, and get alerts

LevelShield provides wireless tank level monitoring.  For companies and governments that manage fuel and need a seamless way to track levels and increase efficiency.  

Above Ground Tanks, Underground Tanks, and Mobile Tanks. Wireless Monitoring Hardware.

Utilizes proprietary cloud-based software to give management and accounting quick access to tank levels and changes.

The user-friendly interface allows your team to login from any device without having to install software.  Preset alerts via email or SMS easily setup for fuel delivery, critical low level for refueling, and abnormal level drops.  

  • Preset alerts for critical level, fuel delivery, or abnormal fuel loss
  • Wirelessly track levels from any secure device with login access
  • Easy Installation our technicians or yours
  • Manage multiple tanks and site locations anywhere in the world from one web-based online software

+ Cloud-Based Online Software

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